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Year 11 Book Return Days 13-21 July

Dear Y11 Student and Parent/Carer

RE: Book Return / Clearance

I hope that this email finds you and those you love well.  As you know, this is not the way we wanted school to end for you and we have missed you immeasurably. We have not had the chance to say goodbye to you properly, but we will arrange a time to celebrate you and your time at RMGS when the time is right.

Unfortunately, we do need to ask for you to return your books and to formally “clear”. Dull admin, I know, but really important for us as we absolutely need our text books back and to restock our teacher toolkits so we can educate the next year group coming through.

So, please read the following carefully, as due to COVID-19, our plans are detailed in order to keep everyone safe.

Y11 Book Return

When: Monday 13 July to Tuesday 21 July

Time: You will be allocated a day and a time (an hour slot – you can come at any point during this hour). Sessions run from 9am-12.00 and 1pm-3.15pm. Please look out for an email from either Mrs Barton or Mrs Little with your appointment slot.

Where: Drama Studio.

What do I bring: the Y11 Clearance Form (attached) completed by you and parents/carers with you having filled in on the form the names of books/materials you are returning including library books that belong to us. Obviously, then bring all these books/materials with you! If you have a locker key, please label it with your name and form room/ where the locker is situated and the number of the locker if you know it and drop it in the locker key box.

What do I do?

  1. Come to the Drama Studio and enter through marked entrance door. If there is a queue, stand 2m apart.
  2. Register with the member of staff as you enter.
  3. Go round in a horseshoe returning books to specific subject tables.
  4. Drop completed form in the box at the end.
  5. Leave through exit door.
  6. Enjoy the summer break.

If you have any queries or questions once you receive your allocated slot, please reply to either Mrs Barton or Mrs Little. I am sure you will appreciate that we want to make this process as easy as possible for you, but also ask that you try your best to bring in all our resources and where relevant, ensure that you acknowledge on your form if books have been lost.

I will write again this term outlining arrangements for results days.

Best regards

Emma Horstrup
Deputy Headteacher


  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • PTI 19-20
  • Gold Science Mark
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019
  • Secondary Geography Quality Mark
  • Stem learning