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You can access the library catalogue from any computer.  You can open HTML5 from the start menu if you're using a school computer, or use the Library button on the school website if you're at home.  You can log in to your personal library account by using your school network log in details - then you can check out what you've borrowed, reserve books and write reviews.

If you need a hand with using the catalogue, speak to Mrs Mantle or email her at

Click the logo below to access the catalogue. 



This is the online archive for the Philip Allan Review magazines that are kept in the library. Please ask Mrs Mantle for login details.



The Complete Issues website combines the facts and statistics in the Fact File series, the articles from Essential Articles and online contacts.


(Students should contact the library for login information)

'issues' logo

"Issues Online is an interactive resource containing articles, infographics and information on hundreds of important topics.  Students use Issues Online to conduct their own research and think critically about sources and information.  Our editors work with organisations like the NSPCC, Amnesty International and NHS Choices to select the most up-to-date information and resources.  Subscribers have 24-hour access to our entire collection, including our fantastic Issues eBook library."


(Students should contact the library for login information)

britannica student logo

Encyclopedia Britannica Student Edition can be accessed for free by anyone with a Medway library card (you can register for free at your nearest public library). You can also access a dictionary and thesaurus, historical timelines, country comparisons, a new media collection and much, much more.

Magazines & Newspapers

We have a daily delivery of The Times which you are welcome to read in the library. Back issues of newspapers and their supplements are held back for two months before they are recycled.

The library also subscribes to several magazines.  Our current subscriptions are:

  • The Economist
  • Empire
  • Science Focus
  • How It Works
  • Nature
  • New Scientist
  • Philosophy Now
  • Scientific American
  • Sight & Sound
  • The Stage
  • Vogue
  • World Soccer

We hold back issues of magazines until we no longer have room to store them.  Often they are then kept in the relevant departments within the school.  

If you have any suggestions for future subscriptions, please let Mrs Mantle know.