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Student Leadership

You can effect change at RMGS by being part of any student leadership body.
Our mission is: To empower young people to shape and improve the communities they serve
Leadership bodies at RMGS are:

  • Year 13 Prefects
  • House Captains and House Officers
  • School Parliament and Cabinet
  • Year 12 Senior Students
  • Student Diversity Team
  • Creative Arts Council and Ambassadors
  • Year 9 Buddies
  • Year 7 – 11 Reading Champions

◆ The School Parliament is divided into two sections: the Parliaments and the Cabinet.
◆ The School Parliaments comprise 2 representatives from each of the 8 form groups in every year. For each year group, 2 Prefects from Year 13 will be assigned to each year group. Year Parliaments meet at least twice a term on their assembly day from 08.40am to 09.15am.
◆ The School Cabinet comprises 1 Parliament Representative from each Year Parliament, The Head Students, members of the Diversity, Creativity and Eco teams, the Head and one of the Deputy Heads and meets at least twice a term in the Head’s office.
◆ R4s are awarded for a term’s service.