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RMGS Relationships Sex Education Policy

The Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum, in line with Government guidance, is universally accessible and delivered to students in an age and developmentally appropriate way.  It is taught sensitively, with respect and acknowledgement of the backgrounds and beliefs of our students and parents.  The curriculum provides our students with a sound knowledge of the law; particularly around key issues such as consent and sharing indecent images.  The lessons have been designed with diversity and inclusion at the centre, ensuring that all lessons incorporate and reflect the nine protected characteristics in line with the Equality Act 2010.

As an inclusive school, we aim to provide full, honest information about the physical, emotional and social aspects of human sexual development from conception to old age, including the nature of love, personal relationship sand family life.  Students are encouraged to make informed decision and to determine their own values with a moral framework.

The school welcomes enquiries form parents/carers about the nature of this programme and is happy to discuss any potential concerns.