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Personal Development

Our programme of pastoral care begins well before students join the school. We visit children at their primary school to answer any questions they may have and to invite them to RMGS to meet their new Form Tutor, Form Prefect and other students. Parents of new students are invited to a special meeting in the summer term.

Students take part in an induction programme, which begins on the first day and continues for several lessons in PHSE. For any student, the key figure in their school life will be their Form Tutor, who will deal directly with any academic or personal problems.

We firmly believe that if we are to treat students sensitively, we do need to be fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses, personal interests and aspirations, and any difficulties at home: we hope parents will be open with us about such matters and rely on our discretion.

Form Groups

On entry to RMGS students are divided into forms of equal ability; these forms stay together as units for five years. During years 7 and 8 a form is registered, administered and generally taught as a unit.

Form Tutors are responsible for morning and afternoon registration and for checking absence notes. They get to know their students well. Each Lower School class also has a Form Prefect (a student from Year 12 or 13) who acts as a useful intermediary between students and the Form Tutor and can alert the tutor to any problems requiring attention. Parents have the opportunity to attend a yearly meeting with subject teachers and Form Tutors, but we are always happy for parents to phone us at any time if they are concerned about their child.

Equal Opportunities

RMGS has strong policies on equal opportunities and bullying, which are outlined in the student planner. We are committed to the principle of opportunity for all students irrespective of gender, race or disability. The school aims to be a community within which everyone feels secure, and we are opposed to bullying, abuse and harassment of any kind. All allegations of bullying are taken seriously and are addressed immediately.