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Equality Diversity and Inclusion


We are a welcoming school with belonging at the core of what we do: honesty, co-operation and mutual respect for others are modelled and encouraged. We are inclusive and celebrate diversity. Our broad, balanced, and appropriate curriculum provides a sense of belonging for all pupils to maximise their potential regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion, or disability. We promote positive relationships with parents, governors, and members of the wider community. 

At Rainham Mark Grammar School, we challenge any form of discrimination and actively promote harmonious relations in all areas of school life. Students, staff, and parents can feel confident that any incidents will be dealt with appropriately. We seek to remove any barriers to access, participation, progression, attainment, and achievement.  

Our curriculum is designed with an aspiration that RMGS students understand the world around them and develop respect for others. We want our students to see themselves in our curriculum and have consciously worked to developed units of work that highlight and develop equality, diversity and inclusion.  


To achieve the ethos and aims set out above, we follow key principles underpinned by our belief in the importance of belonging: 

  • Inclusive practice, care and sensitivity are intrinsic to all our interactions to promote equality of opportunity. 

  • We foster and promote positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of belonging. 

  • We recognise and respect difference and challenge prejudice and discrimination. 

  • We uphold high expectations of behaviour which demonstrates respect towards all. 

  • We use all available information to set suitable learning and professional challenges for all pupils, responding to diverse needs and overcoming potential barriers to learning and progression. 

  • We recognise there is always more to learn and plan wider engagement and training to increase our understanding of equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

  • We publish and share our policies and impact assessments with the whole community. 

  • We ensure we comply with equality legislation. 

To read the school’s Equality Policy, please visit the Policy Documents page 

Recent Events: 

In October 2023 we celebrated Black History Month with a range of activities across the school led by students and staff. We had the Black History Month assembly led by students across Year 7 to Year 9: the theme for assembly was celebrating Black women who have made significant contribution both past and present.  

Throughout the month of October our canteen team with support from our student voice prepared meals from a variety of African and Caribbean cultures for our students and staff to enjoy.  

We also held a Reggae and Ska event celebrating Music of Caribbean heritage which was led by students in the Sixth Form and attended by both staff and students.  

Reflections on the Middle East

Our recent edition of The Mark reflected the importance of talking about key issues impacting on societies such as the recent war in Gaza. The article, which was carefully written by our Head Student, Marco reflects the importance of challenging misconceptions and supporting young people to have informed discussions about key political issues impacting society. We discussed this further via our Core RE lessons led by our experienced Religious Education and Philosophy teachers. 

Holocaust Memorial Day 

Mrs Wood and Mrs Housden (Head of Humanities) led the Holocaust Memorial Day assembly for all year groups. The theme this year was the “Fragility of Freedom.”  Students reflected on the bravery of everyday people to protect the freedom and rights of others. The assembly was a chance for us to take stock of the sacrifices that others have made to protect our freedom. 

Diversity Group 

We have an active RMGS Student Diversity Group who work collaboratively with staff to promote diversity and inclusion. Our group selects and leads on key themes throughout the academic year to raise the profile of celebrating difference. The group is working hard on events to celebrate LGBTQ Month later this term.