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GCSE Double Award

This course includes GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science:

GCSE Science
All students follow the GCSE Science course which is normally taught during Year 9. This course features major theories of science in a way that encourages students to appreciate their importance.

The course explores how scientific information is obtained, how reliable it is, what its limitations are, and how this information helps society to make important decisions.

All of us, as citizens, needs to be able to cope with the science that shapes our lives. The Science course prepares to deal with science issues they may meet in everyday life, such as mobile phone safety, childhood vaccinations or the sustainable use of resources.

GCSE Additional Science

This course explores scientific concepts in more depth, and develops students’ understanding of how scientists work, which is normally taught during Year 10.

At Rainham Mark Grammar School, external exams are normally taken at the end of the academic year. However, exams are sometimes taken in January.