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Film Studies

Film Studies is a fast expanding and innovative field. The Good Schools Guide has identified RMGS as a centre for excellence for A Level Film Studies.  We follow the WJEC syllabus.  Our course aims to extend your critical understanding of film, arguably the major art form of the twentieth century.  The course offers opportunities to study mainstream and independent American and British films from the past and the present as well as more recent global films, both non-English language and English language.

The historical range of films studied includes silent film and important film movements (such as European avant-garde and new wave cinemas in Europe and Asia) so that you can gain a sense of the development of film from its early years to its still emerging digital future. Studies in documentary, experimental and short films add to the breadth of the learning experience.

You will analyse films from a variety of critical perspectives. These will include the auteur critical approach (in which films are considered as the product of an author, usually the director, and are compared with other films by the director to explore their stylistic features, themes, and worldview), formalist approaches (focusing on an examination of narrative), and gendered approaches (exploring the representation of women and men on screen). You will also explore important debates in Film Studies, such as the realism vs. expressionism debate.

Production work is a crucial part of this A Level. Studying a diverse range of films is designed to give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and understanding of how films are constructed to your own filmmaking and screenwriting.

We also have an extensive film library available for the exclusive use of film students.

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