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Extra-Curricular Activities


At RMGS we have a wide range of exciting out of school activities from which offer students an opportunity to develop their hobbies and interests. We organise lunchtime and after-school clubs for sport, art, music and other subjects.   Please see below our current extra-curricular activities on offer.

Each year the school organise a very lively Charity Week during which we raise thousands of pounds for good causes. Students have an opportunity to take part in the annual Medway Festival of Speech, Drama and Music each May, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Young Enterprise scheme.

Lunchtime and after school clubs



After school


  • Buzz club 1.05pm, Student services area
  • Maths Clinic, HY
  • KS4 Computer Science and Creative iMedia homework support, D1
  • Vocal Chords - 1:00pm, E1
  • String Group - 1:00pm, Recital Hall
  • Music Tech Club, 1:00pm, E2
  • GCSE and A level Art club, R2
  • Drama, Shakespeare’s School (Year 7) 3.30pm-5.00pm, A3
  • Dungeons and Dragons club 3.30pm-4.45pm, Canteen
  • Homework Club, Library


  • Maths Clinic, HY
  • Computing club, D1
  • Junior Wind Band - 1:00pm, Recital Hall
  • Guitar Club - 1:00pm, E1
  • Medical Society, Sixth Form, Q1
  • GCSE and A level Art club, N1
  • Language Leaders (Year 9), C6
  • School of Rock (SoR) Drama rehearsals, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Main Hall
  • Jam Club - 3:30pm-4:30pm, Music Block
  • Homework Club, Library



  • Maths Sparx H/W club, N6
  • Chess club, HZ
  • Computing club, D1
  • Ukulele Club - 1:00pm, E1
  • Theory Surgery - 1:00pm, E2
  • Chemistry Clinic (6th From) 1.00pm-1.30pm, M6
  • Film Club (Years 11,12,13), G3
  • Arts for wellbeing, Key stage 4 and 5, R2
  • Debating Society, 1.00pm-1.30pm, L3
  • KS3 Science club, M5
  • School of Rock (SoR) Music rehearsals, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Recital Hall
  • Homework Club, Library


  • Buzz club 1.05pm, student services area
  • Maths Clinic, HY
  • Computing club, D1
  • Brass Group - 1:00pm, Recital Hall
  • GCSE and A level Art club, R1
  • Film Club (Years 11,12,13), G3
  • School of Rock (SoR) Choreography rehearsals, 3.40pm-5:00pm, Dance Studio 
  • Homework Club, Library
  • Maths paper club (Year 11), H2
  • Big Band, Recital Hall


  • Maths Clinic, HY
  • Computing club, D1
  • Art club (Years 7 and 8), N1
  • Arts for wellbeing, KS3, R2
  • School of Rock (SoR) Band, Recital Hall
  • Philosophy Club Friday 1.00-1.20pm (Year 7 and 8), H6
  • Film Club (Years 11,12,13), G3
  • Quantum Physics Club, 1.00pm, M9
  • Homework Club, Library