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Examination Policies and Procedures

The examinations officer is responsible for informing candidates and their parents/carers of the internal appeals procedure.

Appeals should be made in writing to the examinations officer. The appeal should give details of the complaint and the reasons for the appeal. All appeals must be submitted to the school before the 1st May, for the summer examination session.

The examinations officer will record details of the appeal and then inform the headteacher who may nominate the management of the appeal to a member of the core team. The teacher(s) concerned in marking the assessment, which is the subject of the appeal should be shown the appeal and respond in writing, a copy of which should be sent to the candidate.

A written response to the appeal will be sent to the candidate and their parents/carers within 10 working days of the school receiving the appeal. If a candidate is not happy with the written response, a letter requesting a personal hearing should be made to the headteacher. A date for a hearing must be given to the candidate and any teachers involved in the assessment. The candidate and teacher(s) involved must see all relevant paperwork prior to the hearing. Both the candidate and the teacher(s) have the right to be accompanied by a (single) carer/friend/professional representative. The panel must consist of a least 2 individuals who have not previously dealt with the particular case.

The school will make a written record of the hearing, which should include outcome of the appeal and the reasons for that outcome. A copy will be sent to the candidate, their parents/carers and teacher(s) within 10 working days of the hearing.