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Ethos and Expectations


Every student is expected to be polite and thoughtful and to:

◆ take pride in their appearance, their attendance and their punctuality
◆ respect their teachers and ask permission before missing lessons
◆ treat all members of the school and community with kindness and respect
◆ show determination by always working to the best of their ability in both class work and homework and by completing any missing work
◆ demonstrate co-operation by working with others to make their school environment and their local area clean, healthy and safe
◆ serve others by engaging with charity week and outreach activities
◆ be active and take part in school events
We want students to aim to be the best versions of themselves. The following is in place to help every student achieve that.


At the start of the lesson students will: During the lesson students will:
  1. Start positively – each lesson is a fresh beginning.
  2. Enter quietly and sensibly. Uniform worn correctly. Coats off.
  3. Sit down quietly in their allocated place.
  4. Get equipment out quickly and be ready to learn.
  5. Ensure bags are off desks and they are facing forward.
  6. Wait for the teacher to signal the lesson is starting.


  1. Ensure they are silent when the teacher is talking.
  2. Not disrupt the learning of other students.
  3. Take responsibility for, and enjoy, their own learning.
  4. Have high expectations of themselves and others. 
  5. Always try their best every lesson.
  6. Leave the class in an orderly fashion when instructed to.



Always use a title and a date on each piece of work. Underline them using a ruler. Keep diagrams neat by using a sharp pencil and a ruler. Label clearly.
Write classwork (CWK) or homework (HWK) in the top left-hand corner. Don’t doodle or graffiti in/on your books.
Write in blue or black ink. Use green pen for feedback.
Cross out mistakes neatly with a single neat line. Rule off after each piece of work and don’t leave large gaps between pieces of work. Write on both sides of paper.
Place your planner on your desk. Attach all handouts in books in line with subject teacher instructions.