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Dharyl Wilson

Alumni Process Chemist Dharyl Wilson talks of the everchanging nature of his scientific job role…

As such my job to optimize routes to targeted drug molecules and if there is no route, develop a process friendly route that can be scaled to tonne scale to support drug manufacture. Additionally, careful design is required to minimise toxic impurities or metals i.e. palladium from carrying over to above ICH guidelines in materials for human patients. On my site we can scale up to 25 Kg in our pilot plant, with the typical drug product used for toxicology in animals and used in the first two phases of human trials.

My company Pharmaron has a small pilot plant operation in Hoddesdon but has sites all over the world with tonne scale manufacture possible on our sites in China. I have worked at Pharmaron now for 3 years and have worked on numerous projects taking them from start to finish. The key difference between Pharmaron Hoddesdon and other Contract Research Organisation’s is typically a Process Chemist would develop the route and hand it over to a safety team and plant technicians to scale up. This disconnect can be problematic, so in Hoddesdon the Process Chemist does the development, safety and scale up. So there is lots to learn and with it being a Contract Research Organisation, which means we get targeted molecules from clients, the work is constantly changing and does not stagnate.

Typically a PhD is required to start at a sufficient level. I am welcome to any budding chemists to email me and find out more and what is required of this sort of role.

Please email should you want to get in touch with Daryl to find out more.