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Contact Details for Pastoral Care

Please see the contact names and email addresses for each year group:

Mr A Smith (Assistant Headteacher- Head of Pastoral, Inclusions and SENCO)

Year 7

Mrs C Stewart (Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mrs J Mayes (Head of Year)


Year 8

Mrs J Jeffrey (Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mr D Holeyman (Head of Year 8)


Year 9

Mrs J Buckland (Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mr D Coker (Head of Year 9)


Year 10

Mrs S Kelly (Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mrs S Wilkins (Head of Year 10)


Year 11

Mrs J Fox (Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mr G Adkins (Head of Year 11)


Sixth Form

Mr M McDowell (Assistant Headteacher- Head of Sixth Form)

Miss G Stewart (Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mrs J Wilson (Head of Year 12)

Mr J Twizell (Head of Year 13)