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What are the aims of the course?

  1. To build on the knowledge gained at GCSE into all aspects of Chemistry.
  2. To introduce the different branches of Chemistry and show how the subject can be broken down into different but specific areas of study.
  3. To improve the practical skills by a wider range of different investigations and use of more complex apparatus.

What does it involve?

  • Unit 1: The core principles of chemistry (AS – 40%, A2 – 20%)
  • Unit 2: The application of the core principles of chemistry (AS – 40%, A2 – 20%)
  • Unit 3: Chemistry lab skills I – Internally assessed (AS – 20%, A2 – 10%)
  • Unit 4: General principles of Chemistry 1 – Rates, equilibria and further organic chemistry (A2 – 20%)
  • Unit 5: General principles of Chemistry 2 – Transition metals and organic Nitogen Chemistry (A2 – 20%)
  • Unit 6: Chemistry Lab skills II – Interally assessed (A2 – 10%)
  • How is it assessed?
    AS Level – Year 12
    Two written papers on the specific content of Units 1 and 2. In addition there will be internally assessed coursework based on the content of the respective units. There will also be an overall practical skills mark for the year.
    A2 Level – Year 13
    Two written papers on the contents of Units 4 and 5. These will include synoptic elements covering the content of the respective Unit and that of the equivalent Unit at AS level. As with the AS level there will be internal practical assessments.

    Are there any specific entry requirements?
    Students coming from Dual Award must have a double A grade and those studying Separate Science should have a minimum of an A grade, although strong B grades will be considered on an individual basis.

    Why is it a useful qualification?
    Essential subject for any student wishing to studying any Science subject at degree level but especially medical related subjects. Chemistry demonstrates logical thinking and is therefore highly regarded by many degree subject tutors for whose subject logical thinking is required such as Law and Accountancy.

  • The Prince's Teaching Institute Leadership 2018
  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • PTI 18-19
  • Gold Science Mark