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Chair of Academy Committee updates

As the Chair of the RMET Academy Committee for RMGS, I am delighted to welcome you to the governance section of the Rainham Mark Grammar School website.

RMGS is part of RMET and the AC is part of its governance structure, monitoring and supporting the work of the HT and all staff, on behalf of the Trust Board. 

In broad terms, the AC:

  • Supports the work of the School, ensuring that the vision for the Trust is being implemented in RMGS;
  • Monitors and scrutinises specific areas of school life, reporting to the Trust Board;
  • Shares in the strategic overview of the school's work, reviewing and supporting the operational work of the Head Teacher and staff.

RMGS has recently had an Ofsted inspection, which resulted in a verdict of "Good" in all areas – this is a great achievement by everyone involved.  As an AC, we are working alongside the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that we maintain this level of performance and commit to continually improving the learning outcomes of all our students.

We are proud of the work the school does in our local community, developing key partnerships with local primary schools and helping the children in our community to obtain a love of learning from a young age. 

Our children work hard, and our results demonstrate that all children progress well at both GCSE and A-Level.  This is down to the strong leadership and excellent teaching which is prevalent across the school.

The AC members are appointed through various routes - parent members are elected by the parents themselves, and co-opted governors who are people from our community that can bring wisdom, skills, experience and commitment to contribute to the School.  Co-opted governors are appointed by the Trustees on recommendation by the AC.  The AC also includes staff members elected by the teaching and support staff, who provide a valuable insight into the key issues facing the school on a daily basis. Sometimes representatives of the school council and the Head boy/girl attend key meetings, so we can hear the student voice.

We are always keen to hear from anyone who is interested in becoming an AC member and of course, if you have any questions or feedback please contact our Clerk

Stephen Roe