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Building Character

School isn’t just a place to learn academically, it is a place where you can build your character and soft skills that employers and universities like so much.

How many of these can you achieve either in or outside of school by the end of your time here? Tick or highlight when you have done them.

1. Strike up a conversation with people that you wouldn’t normally talk to at school
2. Volunteer to give a presentation
3. Take part in or run a charity event
4. Take up a new hobby or sport
5. Spend time in nature
6. Learn a foreign language that you don’t study in school
7. Choose to be kind in a difficult situation
8. Be creative musically or artistically
9. Enter a House competition
10. Do a digital detox
11. Make a “green” change
12. Learn to budget/manage your own money
13. Carry out a random act of kindness
14. Go to a concert – school or commercial
15. Learn basic first aid
16. Read a book you wouldn’t normally go for
17. Visit a gallery or museum
18. Campaign for something you believe in