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Enrolment Instructions: Year 11 going into year 12. ​​​​​​​

Our enrolment process is now open. Students simply need to click on the ‘Please Click Here to Enrol’ button on this link to begin their enrolment:

There are 2 steps to this:

Step 1, Log in with the student’s username (usually, their school email address) and password (students select forgotten password if they have forgotten). They then need to check their details are currently correct. This will be a quick process as they will have copied over from the application form. However, it might be that you have recently moved house or contact details have changed. This is the student’s chance to update their information. Students Do not confirm results at this stage (they can't until August 24th) or subject choices. Students need to do this after 10.00am on results day.

Step 2, On results day, students log on and confirm their grades.  The grades will be uploaded by our internal systems already, so this process will be quick. Once the student has done this, they confirm their subject choices. They  can change their choices at this stage, but changes are subject to availability and priority will be given to students who originally picked these subjects in their application. Remember, subjects have their own entry requirements that students will need to achieve to select that subject.

The Hall will be open for results collection at 9.00am on Thursday 24th August, and staff will be available to offer guidance.  Appointments can be booked on the day too, if a more detailed discussion is required. 

Step-by-step instructions have been sent to students for further guidance. It is really important students complete enrolment on the day of their results, so please ensure they do this once the excitement of opening the envelope passes!

The summer work can be found here: The deadline for this is Monday 11th September. The work has been designed to offer a gentle introduction to the A level courses.  The work has been differentiated by Bronze, Silver or Gold level to make it as accessible as possible.  It is advisable that students do this after results day once their courses have been confirmed.   .

We wish them all the best for their GCSE results on the 24th.