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Leave application form

Application for leave of absence of school child or sixth form student to take leave in school time

It is necessary for the approval of the Headteacher to be obtained for a child's absence from school before the absence commences. The parent or guardian is requested to complete this form and submit it at least two weeks before the proposed period of absence, to the Headteacher via this form.

Please note school policy, based on DFE regulations is as follows:

In our experience there is a widely held assumption that requests for absence for family holidays in term time (up to a maximum of 10 days) must be allowed automatically by the school. This is a mistaken assumption. All leave for holidays is discretionary, not an automatic entitlement. RMGS is generally unwilling to authorise absence for family holidays in term time and does not give blanket automatic approval to parental requests. Each case is considered on its merits and some requests for holiday absences may be authorised. In any event, parents need to make their requests in good time using this form.

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