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Year 11 preparation for A Level Study April 2020 onwards

Moving from GCSE to A Level: a guide for Year 11 students

Across terms 5 and 6, we are going to ask all of you who are planning to either stay on at RMGS or join us in September to complete tasks that will really prepare you for A Level study. You have the opportunity now to be the best prepared cohort ever in terms of starting A Level and that’s actually pretty exciting. Obviously, choose the subjects that you have opted for at A Level including your reserve if you are still unsure.


  1. Click Term 4 work and complete this first. Some of you may well have already done this but if you are a new entrant, you may not have seen it. For RMGS students, much of this work is available in Moodle.
  2. When you’ve done all the Term 4 work, click the Terms 5 & 6 tab and have a look at the At-a-glance A Level work sheet as a  starting point. Heads of subject will be adding materials to the subject areas so do keep checking. This is a work in progress so do keep checking back.

Enjoy working away through these Term 4, 5 and 6 tasks knowing that all of it is building a really solid knowledge base. You may have to revisit topics at GCSE mastering them in order to access these A Level concepts; the great thing is, is that you have the time and headspace to do this. Remember BBC Bitesize and YouTube are great sources of information too.

If you have any general questions about 6th Form, please email Mr McDowell at and if you have questions about subjects areas, email the relevant Head of Subject or if you are new, Mr McDowell so he can put you in touch with the right person.  If you have any options/timetable queries, email Mr Watson at


Q.What do I do if I’m planning on leaving RMGS to go to another provider?

  1. Check out that provider’s website and if for AL study, complete the work they have set or if it is for a vocational course, follow their guidance.

Q. What if I am holding offers for RMGS and another provider?

A. Complete all tasks that both providers have set. None of that knowledge will be wasted.

Q. Do I need to submit tasks to teachers?

A. No – not unless directly instructed by subject teachers. Mostly, teachers will expect you to learn independently.



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