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Year 11 preparation for A Level Study April 2020 onwards

Independent Scholarship Award

Dear year 11.  In an effort to streamline your independent study during this period, and in order to offer you an incentive to complete it, the 6th form team have created the ‘Independent Study Award’ for prospective year 12 students.

I have broken down an explanation of this in a question and answers format for clarity.

What is this? 

It is an award (Bronze/Silver/Gold level) for new year 12 students to earn over the summer months. You will receive a certificate evidencing your achievement. 

How do I achieve it?

Each subject has set criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold and that criteria can be found in the ‘Independent Study Awards’ section on this page.  You should read carefully and complete the tasks in order from Bronze, through Silver to Gold.  ’.  For example, in English Literature you would need to work through Bronze, move onto Silver and then complete Gold to achieve Gold. 

But wait, I’ve already completed some tasks!  What about those? 

The idea is that you come into school with a portfolio of independent work.  If you have already completed set independent tasks, please put them into your portfolio.  It might be that your Head of Department sees this and awards a Silver or Gold based on your work.  This work has not gone to waste.  Contact your Head of Department if you have any further queries. 

Why should I complete this? 

Bronze is compulsory.  It is made up of a task(s) that are always set for year 11 going into year 12.  For example, in English Literature, reading ‘The Kite Runner’ during the summer was always a compulsory task for students to complete in previous years.  It is the minimum work needed for you to enter A level effectively.

Through no fault of your own, you have missed out on the intense revision, reviewing and revisiting of GCSE content that you would have completed if GCSEs took place.  GCSE content is a stepping stone to A level.  As such, you have not had the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge at GCSE to prepare for A level.  This can go some way to help you feel more prepared. 

Additionally, you can use this award in your personal statements.  Personal statements are a requirement for university applications.  This award will show that you are able to engage with independent learning – a key skill at A level and university. 

You have chosen this subject.  As such, we hope you have a passion for it.  This will help you to focus that passion for the subject in a constructive manner. 

Lastly, if you complete Gold for all three, you will be strongly considered for year 12 home study in term 2.  We have never offered year 12 home study in the past, but this year we are keen to do this.  If you can prove you are an effective independent learner by achieving Gold award in three subjects, you will earn 2 periods of home study (dependent on your teachers saying you are continuing the excellent attitude to learning in term 1). 

So, it gives you a solid foundation for your studies.  It fills the void of GCSEs.  It can be used in personal statements during the University application process.  You can earn home study for 2 periods a week in term 2 of year 12! 

Regards,  The 6th Form Team. 

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