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6th form entry requirements

Please apply to RMGS using the electronic application form.

Do I need qualifications to join the Sixth Form at RMGS?

We will offer you a place if you seem likely to be able to cope with the A level courses. These courses are challenging and we think that a certain achievement at GCSE is the best guide to your future success at A Level.

You will need to meet the following criteria to join our Sixth Form:

Admission Arrangements for Year 12

Entry Number of additional Year 12 places available for students being admitted to the school for the first time: 40.

Admission to the sixth form will depend on:

(i) Examination results at GCSE which confirm an adequate base level: At least 8 GCSEs at grade 5 or above, including English Language and Mathematics and a total point score of 46, based on the applicant’s best 8 subject grades (English Language and Maths have to be at level 5 but do not have to be included in the best 8 total point score);

(ii) Subject choice: most subjects have entry requirements; it is likely that students will be expected to have achieved at least grade 6 in those subjects at GCSE (for the new grading system 6 is the approximate equivalent of B), but some stipulate grade 7 (for the new grading system 7 is the equivalent of A). Please consult the 6th form prospectus for subject entry criteria;

Existing RMGS students who meet our entry requirements at the end of Year 11 are guaranteed a place.

An example of a total best 8 point score:

  • Your best 8 GCSEs will count.
  • Ignore the lowest scoring GCSEs.
  • You’ll need English Language  at a 5 (or higher).
  • You’ll need Maths at a 5 (or higher).
  • You do not have to include English and Maths in your point score if they are not your highest grades but you must have a 5 or above in each.

For example:

English Literature 6
English Language 5
Maths 7
Biology 6
Physics 6
History 7
Economics 5.5*
PE 6
Total (best 8 point score) 48.5

 (4 x 6) + (2 x 7) + (1 x 5) + 5.5 (B grade)

*Please note that some GCSEs have not been reformed (Astronomy, Business Studies, Creative iMedia, Design Technology and Economics). These unreformed GCSEs will be reported in grades and those grades are then worth the following points A*= 8.5; A= 7; B= 5.5; C= 4; D=3. For Creative iMedia: Distinction *= 8.5; Distinction= 7; Merit= 5.5; Pass = 4.

The oversubscription criteria for Year 12 entry is as follows:

(i) Children in Public Care, as defined in the Medway Coordinated Admissions Scheme to include children who are adopted and were previously looked after.

(ii) In the event of two or more students having equal ranking the deciding factor will be the shortest available safe walking distance between the home address and RMGS as measured by the Medway Council Geographical Information System and determined by Medway Local Authority.

Offers of a Sixth Form place will be conditional upon GCSE results and borderline cases would be considered using the admissions criteria  above.

Year 13

It is recommended that Year 13 students to have achieved at least three D grades at AS Level / internal examinations at the end of Year 12. Each student must study at least three A Level courses or their equivalent. The very minimum requirement is three E grades at AS Level / internal examinations grades at AS Level / internal examinations at the end of Year 12. Obviously, every student has individual circumstances and programmes of Year 13 study will be discussed with students on an individual basis if required.

Entry requirements at a glance

  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 3 Subjects 2017
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute Leadership 2018
  • Ofsted Outstanding