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Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Formers in a school which they share with other younger students are in an unusual position. They have privileges and freedoms that are not granted to those in Year 7 – 11. Staff have different views on how students should look in the Sixth Form, but none of us wants to waste time on disputes over clothes, jewellery or hair. Very importantly we have a high local reputation which is precious; outsiders do make judgements on how our students look, whether we like it or not.

Whilst we do not have a uniform or insist on smart office-wear, there are limits on how casually students are permitted to dress. Through discussion with our sixth form students, we have established a general rule that acceptable clothing will always cover the shaded area in the image below. Additionally, we have also agreed the following specific restrictions. 

The following items are not acceptable:

  • Jogging bottoms (unless taking part in a school sporting activity)
  • Shorts that are not tailored and hemmed
  • Strapless tops, or tops with spaghetti straps
  • Skirts, dresses etc. that are shorter than mid-thigh
  • Cropped tops exposing midriff/T Shirts tied up to reveal midriff
  • Baseball caps or fashion headwear worn inside.  Headwear of cultural or religious significance will be allowed. 
  • Unnaturally coloured hair
  • Clothing with inappropriate or offensive slogans/logos/ images
  • Hoodies or coats with hoods are fine, but hoods must be down unless up due to inclement weather.
  • Sensible jewellery is permitted, but please note that facial jewellery e.g. lip or eyebrow rings/studs are not allowed. Jewellery of religious significance is permitted but, as with all jewellery, must be removed if it is deemed a health and safety risk in certain circumstances.  

The overwhelming majority of our students have no difficulty in following the dress code. In cases of dispute about what is acceptable, the Head of Sixth Form will be the final arbiter. Please note that there will be approximately six “dress smartly days” across the year when you will have to come to school dressed in smart office wear.