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Volunteering at its Best

Year 12s have been involved in volunteering as part of their enrichment studies. I am pleased to share this case-study which perfectly captures the benefits of volunteering from an employer and student’s point of view. Our student here has been volunteering on Sundays since November, something she was unsure of to begin with lead to such positive outcomes…

Student Experiences: 

“The first time that I came in, I can’t deny that I was worried about making mistakes, or what the people I would come across might be like. I didn’t want to become a hindrance or inconvenience for all the hard-working staff. However, each Sunday, I came across many different types of people that I was able to learn a lot from. I realised that mistakes are natural, and a part of learning is making sure that you can get things wrong in order to see where/how you went wrong and grow as a person through them.

Every single person I came across had the same outlook, “you shouldn’t be worried about making mistakes, we all make mistakes”. Now that I am nearing the end of my volunteering, I realise that I was able to rely on a lot of the people that I’ve worked with. In the same way a crutch supports someone with a broken leg, I feel that everyone here has guided me.

I believe that during my time volunteering I’ve been able to be less hard on myself and allow myself to make mistakes and rectify them. I’ve met and talked to more new people than I would ever have done before. I’ve witnessed how to handle people that might struggle with what they are supposed to be doing by keeping an eye on them and not intervening and getting on their case immediately. Furthermore, I feel that from this I know better now how to talk to people in ways that aren’t as upfront and interjectory as I might usually do. Normally, I find myself unaware of what to do in awkward/uncomfortable situations with people, but now I think that I have a much better idea of how to communicate with someone.

I’ve learnt so much that I feel I could apply to my personal and work life that I’m very grateful for everyone’s help.” 

Year 12 Students volunteering at local primary schools

‘’I have been volunteering reading with year 1 students or helping out in the classes. It is very good’’.

‘’I enjoyed volunteering, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly the children were and I liked helping them with their music and science lessons’’.

Employer Experience:

As a result of your feedback, we are taking some steps to better support our staff. Following feedback, we have arranged for an onsite physiotherapist, weekly for our employees’ physical needs. We are also doing some work to make the mental wellbeing support more accessible to our staff. Once again, thank you for choosing us, all the best with the bright future you have ahead of you.

Should other students want to share their experiences of volunteering please email

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