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The uniform should be clean and in good repair. It should be worn smartly and conventionally. Students who, without good reason, fail to wear the school uniform correctly may be disciplined. If temporarily unable to wear full school uniform, students must provide a dated letter of explanation from a parent or guardian.

Boys uniform

Such letters will normally receive sympathetic consideration. This does not, however, negate the Headteacher’s or Deputy Head’s right to send a student home if he judges that the reason is unacceptable.

School Uniform:

  • Black blazer with school badge and house flash
  • Mid/dark grey skirt (pleated from the waist and no shorter than 1 inch/2.5cm above the knee) and Plain white revere-neck blouse (unless House Tie is worn).  White socks or black tights
  • Dark grey/black trousers (no skinny fit or jeans) and Plain White shirt (not polo shirt) with School tie. Black or dark grey socks
  • Black leather upper shoes (not boots, trainers, trainer like shoes or sandals)
  • (Optional) V-necked Grey (for lower school)/Black (for upper school) pullover with double red stripe around the collar (which must be purchased from Rainham Sports or School-Time). No other pullover or cardigan of any type is allowed.

Any colour coat can be worn just not denim, suede or leather. A scarf may be worn around the school, but not in lessons.

Outdoor clothing must be left in cloakrooms and must not be worn or taken into classrooms. Please wear your uniform neatly - shirts tucked in, top button done up, ties a standard length.  

Jewellery: The only items of jewellery to be worn in school are plain gold or silver studs (one in each earlobe) and a watch. These items must be removed for PE and games. No other body piercings are allowed.
Extremes of hair style are not acceptable. Hair should be of a single, natural colour. You should contact the school if you are in any doubt as to whether you are likely to conflict with the school values. Students should be clean shaven.

Make-up, nail varnish or false nails are not permitted in school and will need to be removed.

Full uniform must be worn to and from school as well as in school.

PE Kit information can be found within the main PE page.

Girls' uniform

  • PTI 20
  • Gold Science Mark
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019
  • Secondary Geography Quality Mark
  • Stem learning
  • unicef bronze
  • IQM Inclusive School Award
  • IQM Centre of Excellence Award