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Resistant Materials

Year 7

In Resistant Materials and Textiles, students will investigate an existing textile product to inform its re-design. Students follow the design process where they analyse a design problem and develop ideas. They will learn some basic fabric construction skills to produce a Textile bag for their Maze game. Manufacturing skills in Resistant Materials will lead to the production of a movement game in the form of a maze. The maze game will be made using mainly wood and acrylic.

Year 8

In Year 8 Resistant Materials, students make a working model of a vehicle that will move in a straight line. It is driven by a pulley system linked to an electric motor by an elastic band.

Year 9

The main focus for the year 9 Resistant Materials course is the use of computer aided technology to produce products in a range of materials. Using primarily acrylic plastic and cast pewter the two projects (an acrylic clock and a pewter key ring) are designed and then the ideas transferred into 2D Design software where CAM technology will aid manufacture of their final ideas.