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RMGS Careers News - Miss S Jobbins

S Jobbins, Careers and Employability Advisor

Keeping The Future in Mind

For year 13 I began the year helping students with their personal statements and course choices. Paramedic Science, Primary School Teaching, Chemical Engineering, Law and Computer Science were among the many inspirational personal statements now being considered by universities.

As part of their enrichment studies, many year 12’s chose to volunteer at the local primary schools helping out with Reading, Maths or PE. Others have organised their own volunteering or to volunteer in subject departments at the school. Their commitment to volunteer until Eater break, will prove valuable towards their own personal statements and job applications in the near future. We have received some positive feedback about the positive impression that students are making.

For year 9’s and 11’s January’s Kent County Careers Fair was an excellent opportunity to meet lots of employers and find out more about a range of careers. It has helped to ensure that we are meeting the Gatsby Standards for Careers Work by giving students the opportunity to ‘Learn from Employers and Labour Market Information’ through ‘Encounters with Employers and Employees’. The school websites careers pages, include a useful Gatsby Table to show how the school are achieving the standards overall.

I was interested to see how the Careers Fair impacted on student’s career planning.  For some, it was the first opportunity for research into their future plans. From a feedback sample of 54 respondents, 13 pointed out that it specifically impacted on their future plans or subject decisions, with many stating they liked having the opportunity to find out more about alternative options to what they had thought about. Students made suggestions for a wider range of employers and universities, subjects and career areas they would have liked to have found out about. This provides a helpful criteria for planning of future career events and any further feedback would be welcomed.

I too felt it was an excellent atmosphere and the exhibitors were friendly and informative. Of those I spoke to, were Occupational Therapists who explained a varied career that can see them providing practical solutions to keep an elderly client at home for as long as possible, to providing workplace solutions in getting a client back to work. Rochester Bridge Trust representatives informed of a two percent shortage of Civil Engineer’s in the UK and the need to get more females into this profession. Kent County Council and the NHS offered a diverse range of apprenticeships and qualifications. Santander’s Fraud Investigation Department was one of a handful covered in their apprenticeship offer. Meanwhile, Brakes apprenticeships, involved ensuring the successful delivery of food to well-known high street food chains. The information I collected from the Careers Fair is on display in the careers stand in the school library.  

In fulfilling the Personal Guidance requirement of Gatsby, I am currently meeting with Year 11’s to discuss their plans for learning this September. Year 9’s may want to book an appointment to see where their chosen subjects might lead, following options evening where I was able to discuss this with some. Year 13’s who want to make additional applications or are unsure of their future plans may also benefit from a careers meeting at this point. Appointments can be arranged by emailing


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