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RMGS: The Houses

The Rainham Mark Grammar School House system is designed to create a sense of community, collaboration and foster a positive spirit of competition. The House System also provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and take on extra responsibilities. Throughout the school, both in lessons and in extra-curricular activities, there are numerous opportunities to be rewarded for achievements and successes.

Eight houses make up the House System at RMGS; named after prominent individuals in history:

Aylward, Bronte, Faraday, Lovelace, Pankhurst, Newton, Rutherford, and Scott.

At the end of each academic year, The House Shield is awarded to the house with the highest points total from across the year.  House points are awarded through the criteria identified in the Rewards and Sanctions page in the pupil planner, and for involvement and achievement in the House Competitions.

To recognise the differing strengths of pupils, there are four pillars of the House System;  Academic,  Arts,  Citizenship, and Sports.  Within these four pillars, there are various house competitions organised by departments.

Attached below are forms for pupils to complete and have signed off by a House coordinator if they believe they have met the criteria to be awarded a half or full House colour.

  • PTI 20
  • Gold Science Mark
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019
  • Secondary Geography Quality Mark
  • Stem learning
  • unicef bronze
  • IQM Inclusive School Award
  • IQM Centre of Excellence Award