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Pupil Premium - The Cultural Catalogue

As a school, we are aware that there are a lot of experiences our Pupil Premium-eligible students haven't been able to enjoy in the last 2 years. Everything from visiting workshops and educational trips, to residential trips abroad, are having to be postponed. This means our Year 7 students have not been able to enjoy the various cultural experiences we, and their primary schools, would want to offer.

To push back against this, we are introducing the Cultural Catalogue to help create brilliant experiences at home instead!

We are giving every Pupil Premium-eligible student in Year 7, £200 to spend on any of the items in the Cultural Catalogue. This is everything from gadgets, games and instruments, to furniture to create the perfect working environment at home.

There will be 2 ordering days throughout the year. One in term 3 and one in term 5. So, you can either spend all the £200 in one go, or space it out over the year.

Below is the catalogue, and the order form you need. So, please have a browse and send us what you would like to order to

You can start sending us orders now, but the finance team will not start making the orders until after the ordering deadlines have passed.

The deadline for orders is to be confirmed.
On the following Monday, we will start ordering the items to be delivered to school.

If you are having trouble viewing the PDF, then there are images of each page available separately below.