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Post 18 events

Careers News, Post 18 Careers Day- Friday 25th June 2021

Our Year 12 students were able to involved in lots of careers related learning on this memorable occasion. They began the day finding out more about what to do when applying to University with a talk from Mr Twizell and practising their team work skills in a fun filled pasta and jelly baby activity with Mr McDowell. The final structures were expertly judged by teachers and our school Enterprise Advisor Rob Brack who himself has lots of business experience that he was able to talk to some students more about later in the day.

After break, students attended a talk on Degree Apprenticeships and talk on University life by Naomi from Kent University. Rebekah, our Apprenticeships Representative spoke of the opportunity to get ‘stuck in’ learning a job when doing apprenticeship style study. This was mirrored by some of the afternoon speakers that whether talking about degree apprenticeships available through the Price Waterhouse Cooper Flying Start Programme, working as a Medic, or working in Animal Science.

We were lucky to have 19 speakers agree to deliver afternoon careers talks that included Journalism, Acting, Banking, Engineering and Sports. Students were able to pick which two talks they most wanted to go to in advance. Some students decided to find out more about applying to Oxford, Cambridge and Medicine. Healthcare talks included Occupational Therapy and Nursing, Social and Residential Work and Radiography. Here, I was able to see students help to diagnose some interesting looking X ray pictures. I also witnessed students thoroughly engrossed in a Civil Engineering task, and ask lots of questions to our speaker from Santander. Our Careers Link Governor was able to witness the afternoon talks, and was particularly interested in the gender differences within the groups that is detailed in the table below.

I was invited to the ICEAW Careers in Accountancy school’s competition that a group of Miss Purcell’s A level students made it to. There were some inspirational speakers talking about their varied job roles at top accountancy firms, asking real life case study type questions that students were being asked to give multiple choice answers to. The impact of a negative social Media post and how it could affect you professionally was something that interested us.

We collected positive feedback from speakers, students and staff, which included the following:

 ‘I thought both sessions were great. Well presented ‘

‘Both groups I spoke with were great and I also had a couple of students come up to me afterwards to ask questions.’

‘Speaker knew what he was talking about and was very enthusiastic about his profession. He had clearly spent a long time preparing his PowerPoint for them and had rehearsed it as well. He asked the students if they had any questions and spoke in a suitable language for them’

‘ It was very interesting and great to hear from both a medical student and a consultant’

‘It was a hugely informative day and has massively helped me with narrowing down my post-18 choices and with what I must do from now; to be able to go on my chosen career paths’.

A huge thankyou to all involved in bringing this day together and to the students for being so organised, polite and friendly. Prefects helped to make guests at ease on arrival.

We would welcome your feedback as we want to continue to improve the careers programme. And If the day has inspired students to want to find out more about particular career paths or work experience then do email to arrange a discussion. Or perhaps you would like to discuss your university choices and personal statements in September.

From September I am continuing with year 11 interviews, having so far met with many current Year 10’s on Thursdays who have requested careers meetings during tutor time drop ins. All Year 11’s are entitled to this opportunity for personalised careers advice a guidance and are aware they can also email to arrange a meeting.

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