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Newspaper numbers dropping dramatically

Newspaper Numbers Dropping Dramatically

By Kirsten Newbury

Across the world newspapers are becoming less and less important in our daily lives, as technology is taking over.

With our world of technology evolving all the time, newspapers are becoming less efficient and used less in our daily lives compared to the digital papers. Print newspapers are dying out.

There are many reasons for this: one being the cost of newspapers, when ones on the internet cost nothing at all.  Also, it’s quite impractical as with a mobile phone you are able to take it with you much easier.

As well as these points, tons of paper could be saved with the discontinuation of the production of newspapers.  This would help the environment because deforestation won’t be as bad as it would be with newspapers.  This is because newspapers have a huge impact, as so much paper goes into making them.

The topic is widely debated. Students and teachers are one of the examples of how everyone has different opinions.  Ms Fincher, a teacher at RMGS, says, “It’s sad because I like having a paper copy of the news as it contains a lot of detail compared to the digital copies which are becoming more popular.”

However, Kelis, a student at RMGS, states, “I think that newspapers are pointless because people go to the shop to buy them when they can just get stories off of the internet for free.”

It could be possible that soon all newspapers will be converted into digital format with the rising growth of it.  There are many protests against this, but it may be the only way to move the technology of news forward.  It seems to be that children are a lot more positive towards the idea rather than adults.

Another student, Laila, agrees with Kelis’ opinion: “I think that it’s good that newspapers numbersare dropping because we are embracing technology.  I don’t really like newspapers because they’re too hard to read and it’s much easier just to pick up your phone instead.”

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