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New planet!

A Realm of Possibilities

By Sam, Haydon and Alex

TRAPPIST-1 is a new solar system which may contain life. Three planets have been found to belong in the “Goldilocks Zone” meaning they have the right temperature to sustain life and water.

On February 22nd, NASA held a press conference revealing their new discovered system using the TRAnsisting Planets and Plantesmals Small Telescope. (Or TRAPPIST, for the shortened version) with the general public.

The planets, currently given simple names are thought to have a rocky terrain and an Earth-like climate. They are all various sizes, but mostly Earth-sized.

The most exciting outcome to this is the prospect of more intellegent life in the universe. We interviewed a science teacher at Rainham Mark Grammar School, named Mr Wilkinson, on his thoughts on the new discovery.  He replied: “It’s incredibly exciting, not only as a scientist, but as a human too.”

When we asked if he believed there is a possibility of life on these planets, he answered “I’m almost certain there will be life on these planets, but whether it will be intellegent, I don’t know. I think it is more likely to be bacterial or amoeba-like.”            

We asked “if these creatures were intellegent, what would their opinion on us be?”

“If they were intellegent, they would probably be disappointed that we’re still letting each other starve and still killing each other. But I also think they would recognise themselves in us after probably going through similar struggles thousands of years before.”

The discoveries are yet to be continued and hopefully in the future we will know more, and possibly visit these new forms of life

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