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General Goals

It is contended that Drama is essential within a balanced curriculum:

  • Developing the full variety of students' intelligence
  • Developing the capacity for creative thought and action
  • The education of feeling
  • The exploration of value
  • Understanding cultural change and difference
  • Developing a variety of physical conceptual skills in a relationship to the practice of Drama and theatrical art.

A curriculum which values and encourages creative abilities and individual insights will develop inquiring minds and a capacity to respond flexibly to a rapidly changing world.

The Drama work undertaken at Rainham Mark Grammar School includes a variety of the following dramatic forms:

  • Exercises and games to develop: concentration, sharpen perception and promote working relationships involving trust and sensitivity.
  • Movement which enhance and develop physical awareness, a sense of relaxation and appreciation of non-verbal communication and effective use of space.
  • Vocal/verbal communication - setting up situations in which students may experience and experiment with the use of a variety of language forms and registers
  • Assuming a role and sustaining a role in improvisation. Consolidating through the building of attitude, tension, status and belief to develop co-operation skills, thus exploring and deepening dramatic situations.
  • Improvisation as a means of problem solving. The exploration of abstract ideas, exploring social/topical themes, working with scripted material to develop theatre and performance skills.

See attachments below for more information on each key stage.

For further information please contact H Macken

  • PTI 20
  • Gold Science Mark
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019
  • Secondary Geography Quality Mark
  • Stem learning
  • unicef bronze
  • IQM Inclusive School Award
  • IQM Centre of Excellence Award