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6th Form Admission (Appeal information)

If you would like to appeal the decision of the school, please complete the 6th Form Appeals Admissions document which can be found at the bottom of this page.  The deadline for Admission Appeals is Monday 6th September.  The Independent Appeals Panel will meet with you and a representative of the school.  Rainham Mark Grammar School operates an independent appeals process to ensure that all appeals for the school can be heard in a fair, objective and consistent manner.

Please send your completed Admission Appeal form to

Your appeal will be heard during the week of Monday 20th September.  You will receive a full set of the appeal papers which will set out the implications of awarding additional spaces through the appeals process, along with details as to why your admission application was unsuccessful in advance of your appeal date.

Panel members have been appointed in accordance with the School Admissions Appeals Code 2012. The appointed Independent Clerk will liaise with the three panel members, each of whom will have a copy of your documents. Notes of discussions will take place by the Independent Clerk, with final decisions about all cases being made by the Panel only after ALL appeals have been heard.

As you may be aware, your appeal will be considered in two parts:

Where applicants have been refused admission to a particular school because there are more eligible children than places available and oversubscription criteria have been applied, appeal panels must decide if the school’s admission arrangements were correctly and impartially applied in the individual’s case and decides whether “prejudice” would arise were the child to be admitted.

In the case of an appeal where the child did not reach the specified entry requirements, the panel must not make its own assessment of a child’s ability, but must decide whether the admission authority’s decision that the child was not of the required standard was reasonable in light of the information available to it. In doing so, it must consider whether any process in place to consider such cases (for example, where a pupil had not been studying in England and therefore did not have GCSEs) was carried out in a consistent and objective way.

If you have an equality consideration that has prevented you from providing a written statement and you do not have reasonable support to do so, you are to make the Panel aware at your earliest convenience. Although the Panel would have a duty to consider your reasons, there would need to be clear grounds for them to identify an alternative format for your appeal to be heard.

You will receive a copy of your full case papers via email, at least five calendar days in advance of the start of the appeals.

Please contact the Admissions Administrator, at Rainham Mark Grammar School, if you have any queries. Please be aware that the date and time of the appeals are organised by the independent appeal panel and not the school.

Further information about admissions in Medway can be obtained from the Medway Admissions Team, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR 01634 331110.

There is a national charity called ACE (Advisory Centre for Education), which is supported by the department for children, schools and families who provide free independent advice on the appeals process. Parents can contact the advice line on 0300 0115 142 or for further information visit (

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