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Public Exams: GCSE, AS and A level Arrangements Summer 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Public Exams: GCSE, AS and A level Arrangements Summer 2022

As you may be aware The Government organised a consultation document for alternative arrangements should normal external examinations for GCSE, AS and A levels not be able to run next summer.

This consultation ended on 13 October 2021 and we are still awaiting the release of the outcome of this consultation. We have been waiting so that we could give you the Department for Education official review on what schools and students should expect as a ‘Plan B’ next summer should public examinations not be able to take place.

As you will be aware Year 11 students will soon be taking PEQ examinations and Year 13 students will be taking PEQ’s in January. Based upon the consultation document it has suggested that if external examinations have to be cancelled due to, for instance Covid-19, then student performance in internal (school) tests would be used to inform a final TAG (Teacher Assessed Grade) in the summer. The exact wording from the consultation document can be found below:

DfE Consultation document:

'A sensible pattern could be to plan to assess students once in each of the second half of the autumn term, the spring term, and the first half of the summer term. (page 10)

The conditions in which the assessments are undertaken should be similar to those students will experience when they take their exams in the summer (for example unseen papers, closed book, timed and with supervision). (page 10)

Students should be told before they take the assessment that their performance in the assessment would be used to inform their TAG if exams were cancelled to ensure they have time to prepare. They should be told the aspects of the content the assessment will cover, but not the specific questions. (page 11)

We therefore felt that it was important to share with you that should the external examinations not take place next summer we would be using results from the PEQ examinations as part of our evidence for any Teacher Assessed Grades we were asked to submit.  As things currently stand we would expect the normal external exams to run this summer.

As the Government/Department for Education release more information we will, of course, keep you informed.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Barker                                                                          Mr Watson

Headteacher                                                                      Deputy Headteacher


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