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Students arriving early to school

Dear Parent/Carer

It has become apparent that some students are arriving at school very early, some before 7.00am. This can potentially cause a problem as there may be no RMGS staff on site at this time and/or no first aiders.

If an accident occurred (student tripped/fell, felt ill etc.) the school would not be in a position to help the student as both you and we would like.

Therefore we ask that students do not arrive at school before 8.00am where possible. This would remove the potential issues as we have first aiders in the office on site from 8.00am.

However we do realise that students are constrained by bus/train times or are dropped off en route by parents (or others) as they travel to work which saves money and is convenient.

It also appears that some students who arrive early sit in corridors of various blocks. If a fire broke out we would not know who was in that building. Again, as I am sure you agree, the health and safety of our students has to be our top priority.

The school would like to propose the following:

  1. Where possible students do not arrive at school before  8.00am
  2. Students who do arrive early, before 7.50am cannot enter school buildings. They are welcome to be on the school grounds and if the weather is poor they should use the sheltered benches by the L block and by the Outback.
  3. From 7.50am early students can wait inside if they wish, but only in the school Hall/Canteen as an adult will be present from that time onwards.
  4. From 8.30 all students can go into their form rooms.

The only toilets students can use prior to 8.30 are the two (visitors and disabled) by the entrance to the Hall. The others are being cleaned before school.

I hope you can support the proposals above. They will be delivered to the students over the next week and will be implemented from Monday 23rd September. They are in place with the safety of our students in mind.

Yours faithfully

Mr T Watson
Deputy Headteacher


  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • PTI 18-19
  • Gold Science Mark
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019