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Zach Vella: future Chancellor of the Exchequer??

Zach Vella in Year 13 has won one of 75 places on a new government national economic apprenticeship scheme.  The Economics Apprenticeship is the first of its kind in the UK and Zach was one of 2,600 applicants.

He described the process as follows:

The programme is being run by central government so apprentice economists are allocated to a government department for the duration of the course.  The course is four years long, and apprentices get an Economics BSc degree fully funded from Kent University, and work in their closest city - for me it’s Westminster in London. Starting salary is a minimum of 22k a year.

The application process was four stages long. Firstly there was an initial application process, which was followed by three online tests, maths, verbal reasoning and a civil service judgment test. The second stage was a written application of approximately 750 words in which you had to answer three very generic questions. Stage 3 was then an assessment day which was five hours long in Westminster which involved an oral presentation to an economist, a timed written summary of a document, and an interview with a different economist.

I have been allocated to the Department for Work and Pensions so I can raise the state pension age to 80 for all you old people! However, we do change departments every year or so to gain as much experience as possible.

I should begin on September 9th, and all going well I should be fully qualified as an economist for the government by 2022/23.

I just need to ensure I get 3 Cs at A-level and then pass the pre-employment checks and I should be all good to go.

RMGS would like to wish Zach the very best of luck for this exciting opportunity.


  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • PTI 18-19
  • Gold Science Mark
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019