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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It is concerned with understanding and explaining how we think, learn, perceive, feel, act and interact with others. Psychologists study people in a variety of settings – the home, the school, the workplace and almost anywhere else that human beings live, work and interact. They also study people in laboratory settings that have been carefully designed to test theories or to understand particular aspects of thinking or behaviour.

Psychologists are interested in understanding and explaining all aspects of the human mind and behaviour. They investigate, for example, personality, gender, how we learn, mental illness, social interaction, relationships, intelligence, dreaming, how the brain works, and prejudice. Psychology is also an applied subject. Psychologists apply their understanding of human behaviour to a range of situations. For example, forensic psychologists work within the criminal justice system to develop rehabilitation programmes for criminals, to help to reduce crime, to identify biases in the justice system and ways that it could be improved, and with the police in interviewing criminals and creating profiles of offenders. Clinical psychologists work with people suffering from mental health problems, seeking to gain a better understanding of a range of mental disorders and to develop effective treatments and therapies.

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