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Post Level Assessment

With the DfE reforms to the National Curriculum the current form of assessing student progress (‘Levels’) at KS1, 2 and 3 will be removed.  It has been left to individual schools to determine how they will assess their own students.

At RMGS we will take the opportunity to reflect and review our current assessment procedures and reporting.  Our Key Principles for Assessment are:

  • At RMGS the primary purpose of assessment is to enable students to make as much progress as possible in their learning

- Assessment should make clear to students exactly how they can make progress in relation to their next unit of learning

- Assessment needs to be motivating to students 

  • Assessment needs to recognise differences between subjects
  • Assessment needs to fit into an overarching framework for monitoring purposes across the school

We have developed a road map for the reorganisation of assessment post levels:



Spring 2015

Plan road map

Share with governors

Establish working party to establish different methods of assessing without levels used in other schools

Summer 2015

Report findings to Senior Leadership Team

Report findings to staff

Reconvene working party to establish a staff view on possible models

Senior leadership to decide on a model to be worked on

Autumn 2015

Task a number of subject areas to conduct a small scale trial of the model

Report back to Leadership Group any issues

Spring 2016

HoD relate model to their subject area

Data managers to begin developing template trackers

Summer 2016

Review tracking and assessment procedures

Any tweaks necessary carried out

Autumn 2016

Implementation of new assessment programme

  • The Prince's Teaching Institute 3 Subjects 2017
  • The Prince's Teaching Institute Leadership 2018
  • Ofsted Outstanding